• 25 Years at Danielle Arnaud Gallery

    25 Years at Danielle Arnaud Gallery


    Dinu Li | Katie Deith | Suky Best | Finlay Taylor | Paul Ryan | Paulette Phillips |
    Neville Gabie | Dunhill and O'Brien | Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva | Freya Gabie |
    Helen Maurer | Richard McVetis | Nicholas Pace | Oona Grimes | Nicky Hodge | Antonio Riello | Katrin Hanusch | Annie Whiles | Katharine Fry |
    Marie-France & Patricia Martin | Fran Burden | Abraham Kritzman |
    Sophie Lascelles | David Bate | Kim L Pace | Marc Hulson | Nicky Coutts |
    Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos and Jan Hogan | Rieko Akatsuka |
    Gerry Smith | Heather Ross | David Cotterrell | Kathleen Herbert | Effie Paleologou | Louisa Fairclough | Kate Scrivener

    25 Years, the summer exhibition, was due to open mid-June to celebrate 25 years of the gallery. Over 40 artists were invited to reflect on the notion of time (scientific, philosophical, real or imagined) with site specific artworks to be installed in the Georgian space which has housed the gallery for the last 25 years.
    Then time stopped… the gallery closed; the artists were confined; some studios had to close; teaching had to be ‘performed’ online; some felt loneliness setting in; others had to multi-task. Many of the artists were left with no time or space to produce new work. A sabbatical for some, harshness for others, a challenging time for all.

  • Art in Romney Marsh 2014

    Finlay is taking part in the Art in Romney Marsh project this year. The work will be shown at St Thomas à Becket Church at Fairfield.
    A new work will be shown, a lithograph with hand additions. Limited to 500 copies the piece will touch on the location and ideas of nature an notions of ownership and care. The work will be freely available from the church during the exhibition but with a quirk to taking a copy.

  • PrintMare project curated by Finlay Taylor:

    against Nature
    PrintMare project 2

    Camberwell Space, London
    23rd April – 29th May 2014

    This exhibition looked at conditions of our current understandings of geography, or the geo-graphical, natural histories and landscapes. With this, positions to political and ethical notions of our planet as a natural habitat that are unavoidable when picturing anything we may have traditionally termed landscape are explored.
    A situation has arisen where scientific notions for example are impossible to divorce from the ideas and views presented. Tim O’Rileys books for example inspect the moon, our notions of it and gaze towards it from the position of earths surface and our efforts to draw it photgraph it film it and reach it. His work Farmers Almanac lists native American names for the full moon rendering quite different associations.

    This collection of artist’s works also concentrates on work that uses print. Printed ideas that examine the artists concerns, print used as a peculiarity by the makers to address its audiences and use a history of the medias developments that sustains testing and invention. Here subtle innovations and applications are utilized to great effect to pry open some complexities of looking at nature and print. Within the utilization of print is another recurrence, that of mountains, plants and the moon.

    Artists included: Judith Goddard, Franz Ackermann, Helen Chadwick, Oona Grimes, Mark Harris, Bob Matthews,Tim O’Riley, Nicky Coutts, Jo Stockham, Kate Scrivener, Dan Howard-Birt, Mike Marshall, Katsushika Hokusai, Jasone Miranda Bilbao, Michael Landy, Jo Love, Adam Gillam, Paul Coldwell, Serena Korda, Susan Johanknecht, Rebecca Salter, Dunhill & O’Brien, David Cross and Ian Brown.

  • British Printmaking Japan

    Finlay had two works in this survey exhibition.

    Kyoto City Museum of Art

    31 July – 12 August 2012.

    6th International Kyoto Hanga 2012, International Print Exhibition Japan/UK

    The Exhibition tours to Kitakyushu City Art Museum: November 20~ 25

    Gallery Talk : p.m. 1:30~4:30 August 4th at the exhibition space in
    Kyoto City Art Museum.

    Reception: p.m. 6:00~8:00 August 4th at the Garden Palace Hotel

  • BookMare

    Finlay is curating with Susan Johanknecht 'BookMare' at the Camberwell Space, London on 12th and 13th July 2012.

    Special Viewing: Thursday 12 July, 5 - 7.30pm

    BookMare at Camberwell Space comprises an exhibition, performance and discussions exploring how artists have used books as concepts and components in their practice, here often causing disquiet.
    Packed into two days, the gallery space will be a focus for the engagement artists invest in books. The exhibition will include works from John Latham’s film and book-event archive, Damien Hirst’s commercially produced ‘I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Everywhere With Everyone, One To One, Always, Forever, Now’ and ‘et in arcadia’ by Helen Chadwick. landscapist (an ‘opening’ event) will be performed at the opening night and includes works by Hiromi Tshua, Finlay Taylor, Susan Johanknecht, Kate Scrivener, Alva McKenzie and Eli Zafran. Mark Harris will be creating a new sculptural work for the space which further explores his book object-defense series. Talks will include Arnaud Desjardin, a leading theorist and publisher of artists’ books, and Les Bicknell, whose practice focuses on the book and a contraption for holding and accessing ideas.

    Invited artists include:
    Les Bicknell, Helen Chadwick, Arnaud Desjardin, Mark Harris, Damien Hirst, Susan Johanknecht, James Keith, landscapist, Latham Works, Kate Scrivener, Finlay Taylor

  • 27th - 30th September 2011
    Artists’ books which question our relationship with nature and the way we live. Curated by Sarah Bodman as part of Impact 7, at Monash University, Victoria, Australia.

  • Books of all stripes: artists' publishing in the 21st century
    State Library
    Melbourne Australia
    Monday 26 September 2011, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
    Artists' books specialist Sarah Bodman presents contemporary works from Europe and further afield.

    Mouth Mollusc Butterfly

    Finlay's solo exhibition at the Idea Store Whitechapel in London.

    23rd June - July 24th 2011.

    The Gallery @ Idea Store Whitechapel is pleased to present Mouth Mollusc Butterfly, an exhibition by Finlay Taylor.

    A visceral engagement with the pervasiveness of nature is a main concern in Taylor’s work across different media, including photography, printmaking, sculpture, artists’ books and video. A fascination with the natural world is also conveyed through the artist’s use of animals as protagonists in the work.

    In his snail drawings, for example, Taylor exposed paper to the elements, allowing the molluscs to eat into the surface and create intricate abstract compositions though this process of nourishment and destruction, emphasising the inevitability of mutability and decay. In Special Effects (2001), the artist treated the paper in such a way as to make the snails spell out short texts, in this case the words of the title.

    The overwhelming presence and otherness of nature are themes that recur in more recent work. A series of photographs depict butterflies on people’s tongues, either feeding on saliva or resting. The images manage to fascinate and repulse the viewer with their startling depiction of an unusual proximity between the human and animal, holding our attention despite the initial shock. Other photographs, such as Viva La Vida (2010) and Wet Weight (2011), prey on similar voyeuristic inclinations, with their sumptuous yet morbid depictions of snails gorging on organic matter. Also included are Monarch Flight (2004) and Fall (2011), photographs that manage to capture surreal and disquieting aspects of the butterflies in their habitat.

    Idea Store
    321 Whitechapel Road
    London E1 1BU