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left to right:
Arnaud Desjardin, Les Bicknell,(on plinth) Finlay Taylor, (far shelf) James Keith and cases containing Damien Hirst and Helen Chadwick as well as Chelsea Art Library special collection curated by Sean lynch and Gustavo Montero Grandal.
This included:
Ernst, Une semaine de bonte (1934)
VVV no.2-3 (1934?)
View vol. 5 no. 1 (1945)
Broodthaers, Un coup de des (1969)
Maciunas, Flux paper events (1976)
Lightworks no. 1/15 (1982)
Hawrysio, Killing (1988)
Geers, Point Blank (2003)
Scherubel, Mallarme: the book (2004)
Bronstein, A guide to postmodern architecture in London (2008)
Veneer no. 5 (2009?)

BookMare installation at Camberwell Space
BookMare installation at Camberwell Space