BookMare installation at Camberwell Spaceleft to right: James Keith and George Eksts
Snow and Dust, flick books and film The Age of MammalsBookMare installation case.
Works by Helen Chadwick, et in arcadia, etched marble and drop back box. Damien Hirst, I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now, (library copy).Pupa Press
LandscapistFinlay Taylor
East Dulwich DictionaryGefn Press
artist and press founder Susan Johanknecht discussing Cunning ChaptersCunning Chapters
Gefn PressGefn press
Cunning Chapters
Kate Scrivener
If Tomorrow Were Not an Endless JourneyKate Scrivener
If Tomorrow Were Not an Endless JourneyLes Bicknell
smocking is evilArnaud Desjardin
Stack 655Mark Harris
Continuous Movement - Scheme for a transformation of an arch
July 2012

BookMare at Camberwell space hosted an exhibition and events exploring how artists have used books as concepts and conponents in their practice with disquieting results.

Curated by; Finlay Taylor and Susan Johanknecht

artists included:
John Latham
Arnaud Desjardin
James Keith
Damien Hirst
Helen Chadwick
Kate Scrivener
Les Bicknell
Pupa Press
Gefn Press
George Eksts
Mark Harris
Sean Lynch and Gustavo Montero Grandal
Eli Zafran
Hiromi Tsuha
Katherine Meynall
Steven Bury
Georgios Boudalis
Clippetty Clop
Willaim Cobbing
Sigrid Holmwood
Louisa Minkin
Kelly Wellman